Philips Wake-up Light simulates sunrise to wake you up naturally

Philips Wake-up Light

Do you find it difficult to wake up early in the morning when it is still dark outside? If yes, then we would suggest you to get Philips Wake-Up Light and wake up the way nature intended. This light is inspired by the nature’s sunrise and makes use of a combination of sound and light due to which you can wake up more naturally feeling energized, fresh and easy.

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Working of the Philips Wake-Up Light (HF3505) is quite simple. Set the time as you do it in your regular alarm clock. Round in shape, this light displays also time and mimics the sunrise by gradually increasing the light intensity within 30 minutes. By the time you want to wake up, your room will be filled with bright yellow light. Along with the light, a relaxing natural sound will also be played, the volume of which will again rise gradually. All this will stimulate your body to wake naturally, in place of getting up to those scary buzzer sounds making you feel dizzy all day along. You can choose from two natural sounds or you can also opt for the FM radio and wake up with your favorite radio show. If you want to sleep for a few more minutes, then just tap the top of the wake up light to set up the snooze mode. You will again start hearing the pleasant sounds after nine minutes.

Philips Wake-up Light

With ten different brightness settings, you can also use the Philips wake-up light as a reading lamp. So get one for yourself today for $90 and make it easy for yourself to get out of bed. Watch the video below for more information on the product:

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