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Reclaimed Knabe Piano Coffee Table

Piano Coffee Table crafted from real Knabe Piano components

Reclaimed Knabe Piano Coffee Table

Beyond their musical function, pianos have always offered that ‘affluent’ degree of ambiance to your living room decor. And, I am sure that many of us would want that grandeur to be translated by other furniture pieces lurking around in our living spaces. Well, designer Christopher Ohms has smartly decided to bring forth that affluent level through our coffee tables, by his aptly conceived Piano Coffee Table. Touted to be crafted from reclaimed components of an exalted Knabe Piano, the gorgeously designed coffee table structurally comprises of a tempered glass top, a cast-iron frame and a wooden peg board.

Of course, it is the visual scope of the Piano Coffee Table that would entice the user and his/her guests alike. In this regard, the coffee table replicates the essence of a full fledged piano wherever the structure allows it. For example, we can see the (loosened) piano strings and the piano support legs that form an integral part of the aesthetics. The nature of elegance is also carried forward by the exquisite detailing of the table, with its high polish and a glass top with unobtrusive views of the authentic piano components.

Price: $10,000


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