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Piattona is a minimalist cutlery set for your dinner time

Elise Rijnberg is a Netherlands-based freelance photographer, food stylist and designer whose works are a reflection of her extensive travelling and engagement with culinary diversity. Piattona by Elise is also a minimalist silver cutlery collection to help people relax and enjoy their food. Piattona is a an Italian word originally suggested by the well-known businessman and writer Pellegrino Artusi, which means cutting food without haste and chewing it slowly – a sole purpose of Elise’s creation.

The cutlery collection is very simple and timeless in design and has strong lines that simplify the act of eating. Originally started as a prototype project, the silverware collection is poised to change dining experience of the user. The minimalist and slender design allows the user to enjoy the food as well as streamlined silverware.

Elise Rijnberg Piattona

Elise Rijnberg Piattona

Via: Label-Magazine

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