PicShade by Versoteq

PicShade: 3D-Printed lampshades that display your favorite images

3D-Printing has revolutionized the way of customization for things like clothes, furniture, accessories, etc., but lampshades remained untouched with this concept until now. Finland-based company Versoteq is trying to provide this amazing 3D-printing customization option into lampshades named PicShade. Using 3D-printing technology the company customizes an image to be displayed on the shade.

For instance, you need to give a picture of your child, pet, favorite movie or yourself to the company; then the designers will engrave the image through 3D-printing onto inner side of the lampshade. The fabric of each lampshade is so thin that when light is turned on it will clearly reflect the printed image through it while scattering soft ambiance of light all over a room.

There are two kinds of material used in making these lampshades- one is high quality nylon which is printed with selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, due to which it is a bit expensive. Another one is affordable as it is of slightly lower quality which is printed with PLA using a FDM 3D-printer. The 3D-printed concept of customization to these lampshades is created to bring a personal touch into these lighting fixtures.

However, you still have to wait more for this product because it will first be launched on a crowd funding website Kickstarter for raising desired funds. It will begin campaigning from 1 August onwards, you can also support the campaign and pledge at different prices depending on the quality of lampshade. A pledge of £55 (approx. US $93) will get you a PLA lampshade, whereas on pledging for about £140 (approx. US $237) or more you’ll receive a higher quality nylon shade.

PicShade by Versoteq

Image 3D-printed to the lampshade’s inner side

PicShade by Versoteq

Animated view of different images 3D-printed on the lampshades

Via: 3DPrint

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