Pilot Labs Moorebot

Pilot Labs’ Moorebot responds to its environment like living beings

Pilot Labs, a technology startup specializing in connected home automation products, has unveiled a voice-interactive personal assistant called Moorebot for home, work and shops. It is the world’s coolest companion robot that’s expressive, fun and responds to its environment like living beings.

Combining robotic technology and cloud intelligence, the electronic assistant features one-eyed camera design to mimic human eye expressions. The robot’s built-in intelligence features include voice recognition, voice commands and biometric recognition. Besides being entertaining and showing emotions (for example, it can be happy or sad), this robot can even respond to various spoken commands and instructions.

The robot is integrated with a mechanical system along with four motors that control the movement of its head, eye lid and eyeball. Using Moorebot app, the users can customize it as per their convenience and enable wide range of fun and dynamic movement options like dancing, singing and talking. It can even speak web-based information like weather, news, etc.

Compact design of the robot can fit into any home, workspace or shop. With an open platform, the robot’s behavior can be customized and upgraded according to the place where it’s kept. It can eventually learn about its environment and respond to various activities around it.

As mentioned before, this tiny robotic assistant is also suitable for office, business and retail applications. For instance, a supermarket can modify Moorebot to greet the customers and answer certain queries like ‘where can I find a beer?’ On the other hand, a restaurant can program Moorebot to say “please take a seat” or to customers “would you like to know today’s specials?”

The company has launched Moorebot on Indiegogo to raise funds for the its production. For $159, you can grab your own electronic assistant at an early bird discount.

Pilot Labs Moorebot

Moorebot features one-eyed camera design

Via: Businesswire

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