Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post-Cat furniture

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post

Cats, of all things, love a scratching post that allows them to get a full stretch vertically since it tones their muscles and keeps them agile. For all the cat lovers with kitties that need a stretch, the Pioneer Pet SmartCat scratching post makes a good gift. The post measures 32-inches high and is covered in fibrous woven sisal fiber, which is extremely durable and encourages scratching.

If for some reason, you had been searching for a scratching post that your cat could use and also remain attractive in the living room, take home the Pioneer Pet SmartCat scratching post. It is made in a very attractive and neutral tone to fit any décor. The finest material and workmanship ensures the scratching post is attractive and useful for years to come.

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The scratching post is easy to assemble, as it comes with 2 included screws. The base of the stand measure 16-inches in length and breadth. It is important that the scratching post is tall so that the cat can stretch out, and this cat tree is a good match.

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