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Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans by watching YouTube videos

The researchers from the University of Maryland and the Australian research center NICTA, have given a revolutionary leap to artificial intelligence by developing futuristic robots that can cook for you. They have developed robots with human intelligence to cook just by watching YouTube videos on internet. These pioneering robots were taught to use all kitchen tools and how to cook, using impressive artificial intelligence called ‘deep learning.’

The futuristic robots have been taught with the videos to identify different kitchen tools, food items and how to grab something for cooking, like human beings. These robotic chefs use artificial intelligence to process the information seen and language parsing to help understand spoken commands and translate those commands into action. Moreover, the best thing to make robots learn various recipes is that there would be fewer chances of kitchen accidents such as unintended cuts while chopping vegetables and no burning of fingers due to open burner flames.

So, step aside humans and let the robots do the cooking for you. This is indeed the coolest kitchen gadget so far. However we’re not sure about its commercial launch, but it would be a great device to let humans relax in their couch, while the super-intelligent chef cooks within your kitchen. Check out the video and images given below to find out working of the robotic chefs.

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans

The robotic chefs learn cooking your favorite dishes by watching YouTube videos

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans

These robots can grasp vegetables, fruits and other tools just like humans

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans

The robots use impressive artificial intelligence called ‘deep learning to cook

Via: Cnet

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