Flying Food by Piotr Gregorczyk

Piotr Gregorczyk captures mouth-watering flying food in midair

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to eat full-plate meals in the space? Well, food in space would probably look-like the photo series aptly titled as Flying Food by London-based photographer Piotr Gregorczyk. On looking at these photographs, one can find out that the designer likes to play with food and gravity.

He has brilliantly presented through these photographs that how food and beverages appear when tossed and returning to their respective plate or bowls. For the photo-shoot, he literally tossed different meals in the air and left rest on the gravity to play its role. As a result, he has captured several interesting pictures of mouth-watering, floating food in midair.

Commissioned by Men’s Health magazine, the striking photo-shoot showcases some healthy food ingredients that go in making our favorite recipes. According to Gregorczyk, the photographs are clicked after careful planning on how the pictures must look-like.

About 60-percent of the images were captured with various techniques in his studio, whereas other 40-percent are formed via digital manipulation in post-production. Nevertheless, the pictures look absolutely amazing and will surely be loved by all health-conscious foodies.

Have a look at the outrageously delicious food in the photographs given below.

Flying Food by Piotr Gregorczyk

Flying Food floating in midair

Flying Food by Piotr Gregorczyk

The photographs reveal several healthy ingredients in our daily meal

Flying Food by Piotr Gregorczyk

The food was literally tossed and later flying food was captured brilliantly

Flying Food by Piotr Gregorczyk

The food was captured while returning to its respective plate or bowl

Flying Food by Piotr Gregorczyk

It is a unique concept to show case playfulness of food and gravity

Via: DesignYouTrust

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