Pizza Hut’s playable DJ pizza box

Pizza Hut’s playable DJ pizza box makes greasy beats on cardboard

Instead of adding something new into their menu, Pizza Hut in UK has unveiled the world’s first playable DJ pizza box. So, you can make your own music on a piece of cardboard while enjoying your crispy hot pizza. Created by printed electronics specialists Novalia, the pizza box features a complete DJ set-up printed in touch-sensitive conductive ink. It includes two turntables, pitch control, cross-fader, volume control and cue control.

The battery-powered DJ pizza box can sync via Bluetooth to your laptop or smartphone. On your your smartphone or computer, you can download any DJ software from the App Store or Google Play Store. After that choose your songs to scratch, rewind or mix just by pressing the cardboard controls.

When it comes to marketing, fast food companies like Domino’s and Pizza hut always come up with something extraordinary. Before this we have seen Domino’s DXP car and easy order button. On the other hand, Pizza hut recently launched a cool dispensing machine made from Lego bricks. But this is for the first time a musical instrument has been  associated with crispy pizza.

Unfortunately, the playable DJ pizza boxes won’t be available for too long. According to Pizza Hut, limited number of these turntable pizza boxes will be given away to the customers. These cardboard turntables will only be available from five of the 350 Pizza Hut restaurants in the UK.

The exact release dates will be announced today, August 17, via the Pizza Hut Twitter account. So, keep an eye on the company’s Twitter feed. For now, check out the video below to see how the pizza box turntable works.

Via: Hypebeast

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