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World's First Plantable Coffee Cup

Plantable coffee cup biodegrades to replenish local flora

Taking America’s caffeine addiction into consideration, it’s quite obvious that disposable cups form massive amounts of waste to landfills. To reduce the disposable waste, one California-based company has come up with a solution in form of the world’s first Plantable Coffee Cup, which biodegrades into local flora after use. Hence, decreases coffee-related trash and helps in restoring landscape.

The plantable coffee cup is made out of post-consumer paper along with organic native wildflower seeds embedded into the material. So, the seeds embedded in fibers of each cup’s walls will ultimately sprout after coming in contact with water and soil. The cups will slowly start turning into compost and they break down into natural material within 180 days, leading to growth of local flora.

Creators of these prototype cups have chosen native seeds of the region where they will be distributed after commercial launch. For instance, as per California’s climatic and regional conditions California poppy and other wild seeds are infused into the cups. This is a great initiative by the creators to decrease garbage and simultaneously contribute to enhance greenery of our planet.

Currently, the project is seeking funds on Kickstarter to achieve an initial amount of about $10, 000 for development. On pledging for $500, you can reserve one of the first 10 cups for yourself. However, manufacturing of these cups will begin next year, if the project is successful. As of now, check out the video given below to find out more about the biodegradable coffee cups.

Via: EcoWatch

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