PLAYOFFICE designs products that will let a child learn things while playing


A child sees fun in everything he looks around himself. For example he sees a bathtub as a place for swimming, walls for drawing and painting and the beds in his bedroom for jumping. The designers of the Madrid-based firm PLAYOFFICE believe that the fun factor is not only in a child’s mind but also in his manifesto. This is why they design incredible children’s spaces and objects which adds fun to their learning. Here we have a few of their fascinating designs where the little ones would learn and enjoy at the same time.

Secret Read­ing Wardrobe

secret reading wardrobe
This cool wardrobe from PLAYOFFICE keeps the books assembled in a place. Along with serving as a book case the wardrobe also provides enough of sitting, crawling and lying space where the child would love to climb, grab a book  and relax inside the cabinet while reading the book.

Frame It

frame it
Some of the kids love to paint on the walls. So in order to keep the home’s all safe from your little artist, PLAYOFFICE has designed an ingenious frame that not only gives the little one a wide space to paint his world but also give him the joy of seeing his work framed beautifully and exhibited in the family art gallery.

Read­ing Net

reading net
PLAYOFFICE brings to you another fun way to let a kid enjoy a good book. The reading net can be assembled in your home’s study room making it a space where your child would love to spend more of his time reading.

Music Box

Music box
If your child is fond of music but is too young for a music club, then get this music box designed by PLAYOFFICE and let him play his favorite music instruments in it. This soundproof and portable piece of furniture will let your little kid practice inside without letting the hullabaloo coming out of the box.

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