PoggenpohlPlinth Vacuum Cleaner

Plinth vacuum cleaner makes floor cleaning easier than ever

Floor cleaning is a tedious, backbreaking chore that every homeowner hates. This is because no matter how hard you try to keep your floor spotless and dust-free; it gets dirty all over again. Although there are various high-tech vacuum cleaners available in the market, but the problem with these floor cleaning devices is that these are clumsy and some of them might scratch wood surfaces as well.

To solve the problem and make floor cleaning easier than ever, Germany-based kitchen brand Poggenpohl has launched the all-new Plinth vacuum cleaner that provides quickest and easiest way to sweep your floors in mere seconds. The plinth vacuum cleaner is easy to install and can be retrofitted within minimum space.

It is a blend between standalone vacuum cleaner and central vacuum system, eliminating the need of dustpans. The system can be incorporated into the kitchen unit itself, near cooking platform or anywhere your feel more dust and debris are collected. After installation, you can easily sweep crumbs or scraps falling on floor towards its discreet vent and the powerful suction will suck up all the dirt in just two seconds, leaving your floor completely dust-free.

The only effort required by you is to change the vacuum bags, just like in a traditional vacuum cleaner. So, it’s indeed the simplest and most convenient way to sweep you floor without bending. However there is no word on its pricing and availability yet, but it’s included in 2016 highlights by the company. Presumably, the product may hit the online stores sometime in 2016.

PoggenpohlPlinth Vacuum Cleaner

It can suck up all the dirt in just two seconds

PoggenpohlPlinth Vacuum Cleaner

It is easy to install and can be retrofitted

PoggenpohlPlinth Vacuum Cleaner

The bags need to be changed like conventional vacuum cleaners

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