Poo Poo Power converts dog poop into electricity

Poo Poo Power machine converts dog poop into electricity

Dog owners are instructed to clean their dog’s poop from public areas, as it spreads harmful bacteria to both air and water. To solve the waste problem, Océane Izard, masters’ student at the Geneva School of Art and Design, has created innovative Poo Poo Power machine that converts dog poop into electricity.

Dog owners can place a biodegradable bag of dog waste into this machine, where sludge-eating bacteria give off methane gas that gets converted into power. The electricity generated by this unique machine is stored in detachable batteries and further used to charge several household appliances.

The amount of electricity produced depends on dog breed and poo load. This is because a German shepherd’s amount of dog waste varies from that of a beagle. A beagle creates between 250 and 340 grams of feces per day, which allows you to run a fan for two hours.

On the other hand, a German dog’s feces are twice as much and can run your fridge. However, six to seven dogs are needed to power a complete home. This unique machine gives affordable way to generate power, while cutting down unnecessary utility bills.

Poo Poo Power converts dog poop into electricity

The Poo Poo Power machine converts dog feces into power

Poo Poo Power converts dog poop into electricity

The electricity generated from the machine further charges household appliances

Credit: FastCoExist

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