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Portable air filter, Ohita aims to clean the city air for city dwellers


Because inhaling fresh air is good to keep fit and healthy, many physicians advice to take in fresh air especially to those who suffer with asthma, stress and other related problems. But, the pollution today has hardly left us with any fresh air. When in our homes we often open the windows for fresh air circulation and for a better quality air we also invest in air filters and therefore we can breathe in fresh air inside. But, what about the air outside our homes? Getting fresh air in public places was like a dream before the invention of a portable air purifier called Ohita.


After suffering with asthma attacks caused due to smog and air pollution, an industrial design student from Mexico named Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco, designed a small diamond shaped air filter that could purify the air that we breathe in public places. Dubbed Ohita, this little air purifier can be used both in public places as a fashion product or at your home placed on a flat surface. Simply pick up this little device, clip it onto your clothes or bag strap and breathe high quality air while moving around in the city.

The Ohita, just like a diaphragm, filters big quantities (2500 ml) of air with each breath. Thus, the wearer of Ohita although wears a small air purifier, but with a higher filtering efficiency. Not only it blocks the polluted air but also the bad odor caused by rising temperatures. The device aims to improve the urban environment. This high tech device can also  keep you informed about the air that you are breathing on your smartphone where you can also check the quality of air that includes the levels of toxins and particulate matter present in the air surrounding you.

Blanco’s brilliant design is though a concept right now but was declared a semifinalist at the Electrolux Design Lab competition 2013.

Via: Inhabitat

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