Student Designer comes up with Unique Portable Treehouse

Treehouse Trailer for Your Bike Suspends Like Hammock From the Tree

We all have done a project or two at school, but there are some exceptional ones who just blow it out of the park. This idea of a portable treehouse by Henry Wein is just one of them. The treehouse with velomobile-style structure can be hooked behind a bike and transported to a secluded place where you can suspend it like a hammock.

Henry Wein, a student designer from the Design Academy Eindhoven came up with this idea in 2018. His treehouse functions like a trailer for the bike – a cool idea – and is designed to allow an outdoorsy experience the surroundings in a different way.

When suspended from a tree, the treehouse gives an impression of lying on its branch. It can be hung to any height and its framework is made from wood with one supporting metal beam.

Even though the main body and parts are made from wood, there are tires on the camping unit for transporting it easily behind a bike. Henry’s towable treehouse also makes use of some repurposed components like parts from an old blind that serve as the cladding for the little hanging pod.

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This portable treehouse will facilitate a close relationship with the environment by feeling connected to the trees and the surroundings. Moreover, it’s an idea for an environmentalist, who prefers heading out on a bike leaving the luxury of the car behind. With the treehouse trailer now, they can forget an ordinary tent and live high up amid the birds on the tree, relaxing in their own wooden hammock of sorts.

Student Designer comes up with Unique Portable Treehouse

Image: Henry Wein

Student Designer comes up with Unique Portable Treehouse

Image: Henry Wein

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