Posture correcting egg-shaped chair to match any interior

When it comes to choosing chairs our lethargic attitude forces us to pick a chair that reclines the most. With this approach of ours and the time we spend on our laptops and computers we’ve ruined our sitting posture. Now Koccode – an egg-shaped, foam-filled chair by designer Andrea Santarossa encourages us to correct our sitting posture. Made with soft polyurethane foam and filled with ounterweight in the base enables Koccode gains its vertical position instantly as the person vacates the chair.

Inspired by shape of an egg, the Koccode is a seating unit perfect for any environment both inside and outdoor. It will not only add a much need posture correcting routine to your lifestyle, but will also account for a comfortable and colorful furniture item to enhance the personality of your home or office interior.

Via: YankoDesign

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