Power pillow doubles as a charger can juice up phone and tablet simultaneously

If you don’t have a power outlet within reach of your bed or couch, and you often have to abandon your phone/tablet at a wall socket in spite of needing it while relaxing, then Canadian duo of Lisa Sutt and Geoff Martin have created a pillow that doubles as a charger for your phone or tablet. Allowing the convenience of lounging while charging, the super smart and stylish Power Pillow comes with a pair of portable batteries, each of which are outfitted with two USB ports that can charge a smartphone and tablet simultaneously. The batteries capable of charging any USB device house 12000mAh lithium-polymer battery each. The batteries weigh as light as 9.8oz and they measure at mere .57-inches, the ultra-sleek batteries can fit into your pocket and can be easily used on the go.

The benefit of two batteries with the Power Pillow is that at least one of them is always fully charged. If one battery gets low, you can simply swap it with the other fully charged battery and have your device juiced up. Batteries and the accessory pockets of the Power Pillow are made of EX-Static conductive fiber woven with carbon nanotube treads promising sturdiness. A Kickstarter campaign is underway to raise $30,000 for the Power Pillow. Early birds can get a pair of batteries, pillow and two USB cables for $124.

Via: Kickstarter

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