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Practical Deck Lighting Ideas to Turn Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Oasis

If creating a spectacular outdoor living area tops your to-do list, we have just what all you need. Lighting the deck area in your yard is an excellent idea. It creates an accessible outdoor space and extends your living area. A well put deck adds an extra edge to your exterior, well thought out lighting adds elegance to the area while creating a stunning place to chill out.

Firstly, you should get in touch with a professional electrical consultant and ask them to pay a site visit before you start working on the project. Keep their inputs in mind while working on the lighting upgrade project. Choose simple-to-perform and practical ideas that have the potential to give your exterior a more aesthetic and refreshing look. Here are some ideas that you might find valuable while doing the sparky job.

In-floor Lighting

Our first preference goes to in-floor lighting. It is one of the popular ways of lighting the deck area. These lights fit into the floor facing upward to create a magical effect when the sun goes down. These lights also generate a pleasant ambiance even as you’re enjoying your time under the starry sky.

Accent Lighting

This one is a stunner! These lights let you take full control of enhancing the look of your exterior while lighting the deck area. Right from low-voltage on-post fixtures to under-rail lights, you’ll get a number of options in adding these lights to your deck.

Fairy Lights

This is particularly effective if you have a pagoda on your deck. Fairy lights can be draped across it to create a magical and warm ambiance. Alternatively, you can run these along the balustrade to simply mark your deck area, and give people enough light to move around.

Barrier Lighting

Another way to accentuate your decking area is to add lights to the safety barriers. Barrier lighting illuminates the edge of your barrier, offering you soft shades to the rest of the area. This gives you a place wherein you can enjoy your time while gazing at the stars.


To give your decking a retro touch, you can add a lantern or two to your table or post. These can be wired to the main supply, providing enough light to enjoy your activities at the table. The lanterns are a great addition to add a vintage look and make the atmosphere lively.

Interior Lights

If your deck is built outside the glass doors, you might find interior lights more than adequate. This will give you the option of a bright backyard, or no light, depending on what you are using your deck for.  So, the next time you plan a deck party, these lightings are going to add more charm to it.

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