PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

Praud’s Leaning House slants upwards for picturseque views and sunlight

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just tilt your house like a telescope to receive maximum sunlight and outside views? Well, Korean studio Praud has created exactly an identical slanted box-like abode that is aptly dubbed the Leaning House. It is a two-story building on a hilly site near Seoul’s Chungpyong Lake.

Leaning House is designed as a sanctuary for a couple of retired professors who wanted a peaceful living space for writing, research and small seminars. To meet clients’ desires, the building is appropriately slanted to grab views of landscape and sunlight. According to topography of the site, the architects have inclined the house towards the south to receive maximum southern sunlight throughout the day.

Due to this inclined structure, internally the house comprises a continuous space with living room, study and bedroom; all remain unobstructed by partition walls. Moreover, an adjoining terrace with expansive space also adds to continuity of the space and exposure to sunlight. Interior is kept minimal with white painted walls and wooden flooring, to emphasis on reviving inventiveness and voluminous appearance.

Exterior is clad in zinc, forming one massive block with diagonal lines help to increase the home’s simplicity and tangibility across the hilly terrain. The spacious uninterrupted arrangement of the adobe offers serenity as well as agility to the residents. It is an absolutely compelling shrine structure in middle of a delightful Korean countryside.

PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

Inclined Leaning House facing sun and view of landscape

PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

Zinc-clad single block has diagonal lines to maintain buildings simplicity and tangibility

PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

Back view of the Leaning House

PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

Adjoining terrace with expansive space

PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

Brightly lit up living space

PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

Living area with dining area as well as study

PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

Interior is minimal with white painted walls and wooden flooring

PRAUD Zinc-clad Leaning House

House features a continuous living room, dining area, study and bedroom

Via: Dezeen/ Images Courtesy: KyungsubShin

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