recycled plastic cutlery

Preserve branded recycled plastic cutlery designed for a single-use

In collaboration with UrthPact LLC (plastic injection molding firm), Preserve, a long-standing name in plastic recycling, has created a new line of recycled plastic cutlery to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment. The environmentally-friendly, single-use cutlery is suitable for in-store cafes and restaurants.

Preserve is already known for recapturing used polypropylene that’s used to make products such as toothbrushes and razor handles. Now the company is joining hands with UrthPath to manufacture cutlery — including forks, knives, teaspoons and soup spoons. All the dinnerware will be made from recycled polypropylene for use in the cafes. Furthermore, after use, the cutlery can be further recycled to make new products.

To test the effectiveness of the cutlery’s dispensers, these will firstly be distributed to six stores in the Northeast. Later, the full roll-out of the program is to make these dispensers available at nearly 400 locations by March 1.

According to Preserve, their cutlery is made from 100-percent recycled material, polypropylene in the United States of America. The aim of creating these eco-friendly dining accessories is to influence, as well as, help people in creating a zero waste economy or at least reduce the environmental impact of plastics to some extent.

Via: PlasticsNews

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