Primacandle Hand-carved Candles

Primacandle’s Hand-Carved Artistic Flambeau Inspired by Candy Canes

Designer Natalia Burikov has designed and hand-carved artistic wax candles inspired by candy canes for Tel Aviv-based candle makers Primacandle. The innovative pattern of these candles reminds us of tempting candy canes, which are closely correlated to Christmas celebrations. Each candy cane-like candle features Baroque aesthetics along with a variant lively color combinations. Thus, these striking candles would be a wonderful gift this Christmas for your friends and colleagues.

These are made from paraffin, acrylic lacquer and wax using a traditional candle making technique. Firstly, hard paraffin was melted into colorful liquid paraffin wax and then shaped like a sculptural figure using special tools. After finishing, the candles were polished with a layer of acrylic lacquer to enhance its beautiful casting and also to protect it from the arid weather condition. Moreover, these are capable of burning constantly for up to 80 hours.

Definitely, these vibrant candle designs are perfect for decorating your home on Christmas. The Flambeau art pieces will allow you to jingle the Christmas bells this year with an artistic touch. You can purchase a single candle for $32 to gift someone special or for your home décor.

Primacandle Hand-carved Candles

Hand-carved artistic wax candles inspired by candy canes

Primacandle Hand-carved Candles

Made from paraffin, acrylic lacquer, and wax using traditional candle making technique

Primacandle Hand-carved Candles

Feature Baroque aesthetic along with variant lively color combinations

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