Project B ensures restaurants serve on wooden plates pulled out of beehives

Canadian-designer Marc-Andre Roberge conceived an innovative way of building harmonious relation between bees and restaurants, with the help of urban beehive, Project B. The off-center technique of beekeeping, will allow restaurants to adapt and promote breeding of bees in cities, which are decreasing in an alarming rate, due to industrialization and loss of habitat.

Project B is fashioned with red cedar removable wooden plates, which can be placed inside the hive. Once the open spaces in these plates are filled with honeycombs, restaurants can harvest honeycomb and use it to create dishes around honey and serve on the same plate.

The custom-fitted plates come with wooden base; these are washable and reusable. According to Roberge, this observance of beekeeping will surely create a connection among bees, chefs and customers, by presenting them with the pure and natural state of honeycomb.

The plate is designed  to present the honeycombs to its clientele in its basic form and to enhance the elements of dish. The innovative way of presenting dish will not only intensify the taste but also aesthetics of the dish presented to restaurant customers.

The strategically designed hive in first look resembles a wooden table, which when closed provides ample space to carry out work. When open, the sideboard topped with metal sheet, provides space to keep items required for harvesting.

Project B is an environment conscious project taken up by Roberge to spread awareness about the positive aspect of beekeeping and to acknowledge beekeeping culture. The technique can allow anyone to appreciate the impressive work carried out by bees; and have addition of absolute flavor and aesthetics in a dish.

Project B by Marc-Andre Roberge

Project B beehive table

Project B by Marc-Andre Roberge

The wooden table designed for bee harvesting

Project B by Marc-Andre Roberge

Clusters inside the beehive

Project B by Marc-Andre Roberge

Opening space for honeybees behind the wooden hive

Project B by Marc-Andre Roberge

Removable wooden trays with designed space for honeycombs

Project B by Marc-Andre Roberge

Wooden base to hold honeycomb plates and to serve dishes

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