Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel is a set of three spacious tunnels attached together giving your cat endless room to roam, hide and have fun. Made using a sprung steel frame covered in ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester, the cat tunnel has protective ends and it doesn’t collapse in the middle. The Prosper Pet’s cat tunnel gives your kitty more ways to have fun, exercise, and self-amusement.

Let’s face it, you love your cat. But given your busy work schedule, you do not have enough time for her in the afternoons. The Prosper Pet’s three-way cat tunnel is made just for such times to allow your pal to self-entertain herself for hours.

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The cat tunnel comes with an elastic band and it folds down into a small package in seconds for easy storage and travel. With the playful cat tunnel from Prosper Pet, give your kitty her much deserved entertainment wherever you take her.

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