Protect your wall plugs with adorable miniature Shoji screen outlet covers


If you want to add an Asian flair to your home décor, often Shoji screens are the first thing that comes into your mind. A typical Japanese Shoji screen includes a translucent washi paper in a frame made of wood. However, the screens don’t only serve a decorative purpose. They can be used in a variety of practical ways throughout your home such as space dividers, or as window treatments to maintain privacy. But, a Japanese designer has used them in quite a unique and cute way. He has created miniature Shoji screen outlet covers which hide the electric outlets when not in use.

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Tori Sugimara who is a Shoji screen designer himself, was inspired by the image of a door covered electric outlets. He thought of putting a Japanese tinge to this very concept and crafted the Shoji screen outlet covers. These screens not only offer protection, especially to little kids from the electrical outlets, but also provides a cute way of adding a Japanese flair to every modern home.

Sugimara has created a range of these miniature Shoji screens to wrap the wall sockets of your home in  a decorative way. He has crafted the screen in different shapes and sizes and sells them on his website. The good news is that the designer can also make the Shoji screen outlet covers according to the customers’ preference, means you have the opportunity to select the shape, size, and the pattern and color of the paper used on the Shoji and decorate your home with the miniature Japanese doors of your style.
Via: Designtaxi

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