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prototypeD’s solar-powered garden office pod is an ideal work space

Portable moving pods can be used for more than just moving, or relocating. Whether you want to add an extra space in the garden or you want to have a personal office space outdoor, pods are always ideal. They are economically efficient for people who don’t want to spend bucks on construction to build a fully furnished space.   

These days, when the idea of adopting pods is getting popular, the intriguing solar pod located at Bayview Yards grabbed everyone’s attention. The innovative pod is build and designed by Ottawa’s prototypeD, and it is a ‘mobile digital media lab’ for MadeMill. Especially build for workshops on solar power, and different artistic projects; it is a collaborative project by multiple artists, including Komi Olaf, Asma Inam, and Allan André.

The whole structure of the lab is modular, built out of corrugated steel with a covered roof. The set of pull-down stairs functions as the only access to the pod. The brown colored walls are made of fine quality wood, which looks appealing with highlighted white colored windows and door.The most interesting thing about the digital media lab is that it is solar powered and heated via propane. So you don’t need to worry about the electricity, if you request the company to build the same solar pod for you, the electricity will be available 24×7 in the pod. In case of a cloudy day, the energy will be pre-stored in an ingrained energy storing system.

The company makes custom pods on request taking care of user’s desire. If you wish to have a solar pod with an outstanding design, then you can directly contact prototypeD team Inc.

prototypeD’s solar-powered pods are movable

prototypeD’s pods are movable

Pod is a Mobile digital media's lab

Pod is a Mobile digital media lab

Wooden walls are highlighted with white colored windows and door

Wooden walls are highlighted with white colored  windows and door

Relocate the pod when you desire

Relocate the pod whenever you desire

Garden office pod's front and top view

Garden office pod’s front and top view

The pod is solar powered and heated via propane

The pod is solar-powered and heated via propane

PrototypeD’s solar-powered garden office pod

PrototypeD’s garden office pod for MadeMill

Via: Shedworking

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