PUP Architects pop-up pavilion

PUP Architects disguises pop-up pavilion as rooftop air vent

In order to bring attention to London’s housing crisis, PUP Architects recently constructed a hidden pop-up pavilion within a rooftop air vent. Titled ‘H-VAC’, the project has been started to suggest that thousands of such masqueraded micro-dwellings within air conditioning infrastructure could be built across the city. This would ultimately be a huge relief to the housing crisis in the city.

The unusual pop-up pavilion structure even won this year’s Architecture Foundation Antepavilion competition for sustainable housing alternatives. This “guerrilla habitation” project playfully highlights development loopholes by fashioning a habitable rooftop space atop a canal-side warehouse in east London.

PUP Architects’ this design is intended to allow the development of rooftop service structures without planning permission. Disguised as an H-VAC exhaust, it is a hidden two-story dwelling that begins from within the brick warehouse and pops up onto the roof in a snaking linear form. It is covered with silver waterproof shingles made from recycled Tetra-Pak offcuts.

While the exterior is covered in silver shingles made from reject drinks carton material, the interior is made up of exposed wooden beams. This timber-framed structure is shaped like a periscope featuring a small room with two comfortable benches to accommodate to six people.

The pop-up pavilion opened on August 5 will be available for public viewing during Open House weekend from September 16 to 17.

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion in London

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion

Shaped like a periscope

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion

Exterior is covered in silver shingles made from recycled Tetra-Pak offcuts

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion-1

Interior consists of exposed wooden beams

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion

Cozy interior

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion

Stairs to access the rooftop

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion

A small room has two benches to accommodate up to six people

PUP Architects pop-up pavilion

Hidden pop-up pavilion

Via: Metro

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