Pupa is a wooden beehive to encourage bee farming at homes

Barcelona-based Publications for Pleasure approached Canary-born product designer Octavio Barrera for designing a wooden beehive for their latest publication Bee Project. The company wanted to include step by step photographs of making the beehive in their book about bees, and the outcome is Pupa. Its design is inspired from traditional beehives, and it is handmade from standard pine wood, metal wires and leather straps.

Pupa is made by attaching smooth wooden boards through dowel joints/glue, and it includes four bee frames for keeping bees.  There are wooden handle bars on both sides of the beehive to carry it easily. It includes wooden base stands for keeping it away from the ground. An outer cover having a leather strap fits properly over the wooden hive box and look pretty good.

Precisely-crafted components of Pupa make it an adorable beehive that can be placed in yard, roof or besides any wall as an attractive habitat for bees and also to perk up pollination in flowerbeds. If you like to protect bees and encourage beekeeping at your home, then you can try to make one yourself or contact some wood artisan to make a beehive inspired from Pupa, as it is an exclusive product of Octavio Barrera.

Small beehive promoting bee culture

Small beehive promoting bee culture

Four bee frames with a slim upper board

Four bee frames with a slim upper board

Pupa is made of pine wood

Pupa is made of pine wood

Drawing the outline

Drawing the outline

Dowel joints and glue use for attaching wooden boards

Dowel joints and glue used for attaching wooden boards

Precisely-crafted parts

Precisely-crafted boards and other parts


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