Ray Salas Purple-Gen Chair

Purple Gen Chair by Ray Salas Crafted From Old Electric Generator Tubing

Ray Salas, an American fusion artist, has built a stunning industrial piece of furniture dubbed Purple Gen chair from repurposed stainless steel tubing and purpleheart, an oak-like hardwood that turns to a dazzling rich chocolaty purple color when exposed to sunlight.

Industrial stainless steel tubes of 8.5’ diameter form the main skeleton of the chair. The designer sourced these steel pipes from one of his friends and clients, who owned a cogeneration power plant. To restore the beauty of the chair, all sections of steel tubes were welded skillfully from inside to evade welding scars, which usually can be seen on any welded object.

The seating part of the chair is made from purpleheart, which complements the steel tubing flawlessly, making it look all the more attractive. Triangular legs are made of stainless steel rods measuring 5/8’ and 3/8’ to enable it to uphold the fattest of an individual.

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Bearing ball feet with a brass capping gives it additional stability and elegant look. The hatch of 7-inch diameter serves as a storage unit that hides behind a circular flap made of stainless steel net. A secret storage compartment reveals itself as soon as you pull the purpleheart knob. The designer says that the person who purchases this piece of furniture may find something special inside it.

All you have to do is shell out €1,653.20 (appx $1840) and discover the secret treasure hidden inside the storage.

Ray Salas Purple-Gen Chair_2

Artistic look of the chair

Ray Salas Purple-Gen Chair_3

Skillfully welded steel tubes

Ray Salas Purple-Gen Chair

Purpleheart – an eye-catching spectacle

Ray Salas Purple-Gen Chair

Purple Gen chair top view

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