PUUK Lamp by ITZ Mayan Wood Furniture is all wooden

Our home is the centre of our lives and a place where we spend a large amount of time; hence, good lighting in our homes could make a huge amount of difference about how we feel. Working on the same idea, Mexican designer Anna Wolowska has designed a beautiful wooden lamp to pep up your home in sheer style to bid adieu to the year gone by. Named the Puuk, the wooden lamp is made by traditional Mayan artisans.

This handcrafted light fixture which is available in different woods and beeswax finish comes in two positions, i.e., lighting upwards or diagonally and in two different sizes of 18cms and 22cms. The small spherical orb can be placed either on the table or suspended from the ceiling. It uses LEDs for minimum electricity consumption and maximum brightness. The lamp can be purchased from ITZ Mayan Wood Furniture to light up your home and your lives to make it a happier and better place. After all, lights bring faith and hope into our lives.

Via: itzfurniture

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