Quad Micro Bar

Quad Micro Bar – A Mini Bar that can be a Dining Set Too

Space crunch is the major issue faced these days. Washington-based industrial designer Joe Warren has come up with a solution in the form of Quad Micro Bar that will help you say goodbye to cumbersome bars and chairs that are space consuming and take up extra space when not in use. This component is a multipurpose assembly that can be used as a bar table or a workstation, and if you are tired, pull out a stool to sit and enjoy a relaxing cup of tea or coffee.

QMB is a clever alternative for a conventional desk at the workplace or a standard four-seater dining table in a tiny apartment. The multi-functionality and flexibility of this compact piece of furniture allows it to be used in a surprising number of ways, i.e. like a bar, a dining table for a family of four, a standing workstation,  a relaxing sitting for chatting and enjoying beverages when friends have come over or even as a display stand for trade shows and promotional events.

The chairs can be pulled out and locked back into place securely when not required. The unit has also been provided with an inside shelf for keeping your bar supplies, work equipment, function gear or anything else you need to get rid off your tabletop.

The 30-inch table top is only the element you can see at first, but the whole Quad Micro Bar can be instantly opened to make room for two or four persons sitting. Each seat can be folded out, regardless of the other seats, and easily pushed back when not in use, so you even don’t have to worry about the additional space occupied by the chairs.

The mini bar is made from birch plywood and comes in natural, white and black colors made out of non-polluting dyes, holding on to American healthy living vibe.

This piece of furniture that will surely improve both, your interior design and your lifestyle, is the winner of Core 77 DIY Design Award  2013. You can purchase the Quad Micro Bar from Etsy for $900.

Quad Micro-Bar by Joe Warren

quad micro-bar

Quad Micro-Bar by Joe Warren

Quad Micro-Bar by Joe Warren

Quad Micro-Bar by Joe Warren

Quad Micro-Bar by Joe Warren

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