Japanese garden lamps

Quadruped robot-based garden lamps react to human presence

Japanese garden lamps

Do you plan of having a garden filled with robots? If not yet, it’s the right time to plan. Trossen Robotics member Cassinelli Alvaro has created Toro-Bots, robots with Japanese-style lanterns installed atop PhantomX quadrupeds. Each Toro-Bot has been individually programmed to react to human movement. These interactive robot lamps form a dynamic part of a garden and are equipped with IR beacons which allow them to be tracked separately by an on-board infrared camera and controlled using an iPad.

The crawling lanterns can transform your garden into one that take care of itself. Toro-Bots understand and interpret the surrounding, reconfiguring themselves according to the changing weather and human presence in order to converse with different things in the garden. Since, each lamp is individually programmed, each one has its own behavior and personality. The bots use infrared rangefinders to detect presence of objects in their vicinity and move towards them. Connected to XBee network the Toro-Bots can be controlled using a mobile device by the homeowner.

Source: TrossenRobotics Via: SpectrumIEEE

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