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Home Self Defense Products’ Quick Vent Safe RFID

Home Self Defense Products Quick Vent Safe with RFID locking system is one of the best gift items for protecting the valuable items in your home. This disguised safe offers the safest place to secure your money, weapons, jewelry, expensive watches, etc. It can easily trick intruders or burglars, as it resembles an HVAC vent and blends in well on any wall, hiding your valuables in plain sight.

The best thing about this RFID-integrated safe is that you don’t have to memorize numbers or push buttons to open it. You just have to wave the RFID-embedded card, token or key fob on top of the “vent” and it opens up in seconds like a magical box.

The safe comes with four RFID keys that give you quick access to the hidden compartment. All thanks to a backup battery that comes with this concealed safe, you never have to worry about being locked out and can access the contents of your safe whenever needed.

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