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R2-D2 Custom Roomba

R2-D2 Roomba Vinyl set Designed for Geeks

We’ve already seen a variety of Star Wars merchandise in honor of the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but none compares to the R2-D2 Custom Roomba. It is basically a vinyl set that’s designed by studio-workshop Bel & Bel to customize your Roomba cleaning robot and add a fun twist to the routine cleaning task.

The designers have worked carefully on its layout, which is highly detailed with iconic R2-D2 blue and white design pattern. It can perfectly fit on any circular-shaped Roomba vacuum, lending Star Wars inspired character to the powerful cleaning tool. Merging robotic design with cleanliness, the vinyl set will quickly turn your vacuum cleaner into a mini R2-D2 that takes no longer to clean the floor and dispose of all dust and debris.

This custom set is as geeky as it is functional, and a perfect companion for your vacuum cleaner. So, you could do more fun chores while re-customizing your life. Using this customization tool, you can let your favorite sci-fi character do floor cleaning for you without much effort.

Although there is no word on its pricing and availability by Bel & Bel, you can contact the studio designers through their official website for the price request. 

R2-D2 Custom Roomba

R2-D2 Custom Roomba vinyl set

R2-D2 Custom Roomba

Turn your Roomba vacuum cleaner into R2-D2

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