R2D2 pizza cutter with built-in speaker

You may have never seen the likes of Chewbacca, Yoda or Han Solo bite off a slice of pizza, but that isn’t stopping any self-respecting Star Wars fan from having his share of Star Wars fancy while biting into a slice. Made for all deserving Star Wars fanatics is a R2D2-inspired pizza cutter selling on Dottor Gadgets. Shaped like a classic pizza cutter, the R2D2 pizza cutter features a metal roller blade and a straight handle neatly crafted out in colors and prints to mimic the R2-D2.

Besides the inspired look, the €16.90 (approx. $23) R2D2 pizza cutter has a built-in speaker which plays original sound effects of R2-D2 each time the blade spins over a pizza. If you were looking for a gift for your sci-fi-fanatic mom – you may have just found the perfect thing!

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