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Racing & Emotion Unveils Egg Chair Renders for Crank & Piston

Racing & Emotion is known for their collection of egg chairs that commemorate racing cars and racing legends alike. For example, the team has already replicated Herbie from Walt Disney, Porsche 917 from the movie Le Mans and even the helmet of the great Ayrton Sena. Now the designers from Le Mans have honored ‘Crank and Piston’ – one of the premier online magazines that cover car culture and lifestyle.

Their tribute comprises of a series of renders that showcase some classy chair designs in the elegant composition of white combined with the black fonts of the website’s name and tagline. The ‘voluptuous’ bearing of these egg chairs are treated with automotive details like the imprint of the tire treads along the flanks, while the support leg also conforms to the familiar black and white scheme of the furniture.

The final design glory alludes to a curvaceous ambit which fascinatingly contrasts with the aerodynamic attributes of real racing cars and equipment.

All images are courtesy of Racing & Emotion.

Via: CrankandPiston

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