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Raspberry Pi-powered Garage Door Opener

Raspberry Pi-powered garage door opener for easy access from anywhere

You may have seen many projects running efficiently with Raspberry Pi. Today we are going to acquaint you with another such [Tanner’s] project for automatic control on garage door. He has brilliantly clasped Raspberry Pi to his garage door opener and further connected it to internet-connected device for easy access from anywhere.

For this garage door automation, he removed the manual switch and linked it to the garage door remote. This means the switch would active only when the remote has been powered with Raspberry Pi and power connectors. Due to this, the remote works on 3.3V and draws little current for directly powering the device with Raspberry Pi.

Due to this Raspberry Pi, you can connect the door opener to any internet-connected device, so the owner would be able to tell if the door is up, down, or stopped somewhere in the middle even when away from home. The garage is also installed with an IP camera that provides computer vision to the garage owner. It is a great way to monitor garage security automatically, if you’re willing to make the same for your garage then follow [Tanner’s] instructions on the official website.

Via: Hackaday

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