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This Raspberry Pi-powered possessed portrait will jump-scare your guests to death

The all-new digital decorations are a modern way to trick your guests and neighbors on Halloween. You just need a TV and DVD player to display digital decorations that can turn any environment into a terrifying experience. Some people just go with such on-the-go stuff, but Software designer Dominick Marino tweaked the idea with Raspberry Pi, PIR motion sensor, LCD monitor and some pre-built videos to create a digital portrait that automatically haunts people with a scary jump scare visual. This self-changing possessed portrait activates as soon as it senses some nearby motion.

At first, Marino built a wooden frame sized to an LCD screen of some old monitor. Next he mounted the LCD screen, PIR module, and the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B inside the frame, ensuring all internal and outer connections are secure. He bought three Unliving Portrait videos from digital decorations service AtmosFX, and modified the existing code of a similar project by Arc Software to make the possessed portrait operational. This Raspberry Pi-powered DIY LCD frame automatically plays small clips of a pretty Bridezilla turning into a horrifying demon with the blink of an eye.

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He also included the feature of recording and playing the moment when it scares a person. Although it is a tricky DIY project, all those who are fond of experimenting with a Raspberry Pi can try to make the spooky Halloween decoration. If planning to replicate the project, you can follow up the original tutorial at

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