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Raspberry Pi-powered Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock wakes you simulating a sunrise

Sunrise alarm clock

We all have different sleeping patterns; some of us manage a good sleep, while some have a very weak sleep. There are different tracking gadgets and alarm clocks out there that help us take the best nap, but with a motive to combine the best of both and to add a personal tinge to it, Instructables user derwassi has created WeggUp – a sleep cycle alarm clock that wakes you up mimicking a sunrise. Powered by a Raspberry Pi computer, the sunrise alarm clock has been built-in with motion sensors, mood lights, audio player, speakers and all this is encased in a specially designed egg-shaped enclosure.

The alarm clock sits on the bedside table and tracks your sleep pattern through the night and wakes you up with sunrise alarm. The alarm clock has been made to play with its built-in lights to brighten up the room, simulating a sunrise. This is combined with ambient sounds (played through the built-in audio player) to make your wake up experience really natural every morning (or whatever time of the day you are rising). Obviously, the alarm clock isn’t perfect, but in case you are interested you can read the details to build one yourself.

WeggUp DIY alarm clock


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