Ravanello Radish Shaper

Ravanello carves attractive mushrooms out of radish

Moms will do anything to stop their kids from doing all those naughty things that makes them go crazy. One of the easiest and proven way is through their stomach, and by letting them play with their food. So here is one of those ways that your little devils will surely love, and the best part is that it’s very easy to make.

I am sure radish may not be the ideal food that is loved and cherished by your kid, but once they see this little superhero crafted from radish, they are going to surprise you with their desire. All you have to do is use Ravanello tool to gently and smoothly shave down the bottom of a radish to make it look like a mushroom stem.

Thereafter, carve out semi-circles on the top with the help of an extracting part of Ravanello, to give it the appearance of a polka-dot-covered toadstool. Finally sit back and relish the magic this $12 Ravanello tool has done on your little heart.

This tool doesn’t change the flavor of radish or doesn’t even erode the essential nutrients out of it. So you should relax and see your little ones grow with the same pace as Mario does. Moreover its plastic made and does not have any stainless steel blade involved in its making, so you shouldn’t be much concerned about safety.

Your kids will surely have a fun time and all that shouting and nagging will come to an end.  

Ravanello Radish Shaper

Radish made to look like a mushroom

Ravanello Radish Shaper

Step by step procedure of the activity

Ravanello Radish Shaper

Ravanello Radish Shaper – your kids will love it

Ravanello Radish Shaper

Shave down the bottom of radish to make it look like mushroom stem

Ravanello Radish Shaper

Ravanello Radish Shaper creates amazing food art

Via: Gizmodo

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