Cute little Baby Yoda Robot Wiggles its Ears, Walks Around the House like a Curious Toddler

Star Wars fans want the Baby Yoda by their side when they lull to sleep, don’t they? While that might sound a bit over the top assumption, deep down all Mandalorian fans want to expose their softer side for the cute little alien. That’s even more so evident after the first season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

Now that the second season is just around the corner Mattel has timed the release of it RC-controlled Baby Yoda toy to perfection. It will be up for grabs for a price tag of $60 at Shop Disney, and you don’t want to miss this one.

The 11-inches tall mini figurine called “Star Wars: The Mandalorian the Child “Real Moves Plush” comes to life following you around the living room or getting too inquisitive about your bathroom rituals. It has four different play modes and the signature adorable shuffle will melt your hearts to bits even though you might be a beefed-up grown adult who drives a muscle car!

If we are getting too rhetoric, well, the toy comes with authentic sound effects and electronic motors inside for those subtle movements of body parts that make it seem close to a real-life Baby Yoda a.k.a The Child.

The smiling, heart-warming face can turn from side to side or look up and down like a cute puppy would do. Even the large ears can wiggle to make you never let go of the charming little thing that adorns the snuggly robes which can be paired with the Mythosaur skull pendant. If the accessory is too much of a distraction, then you can take it off when needed.

The remote that controls the toy is made to look like the tracking fobs of the bounty hunters. So, if you might already be imagining ways to interact with Baby Yoda with no intention of letting it go for life or returning it back to its people, we bet you are not the only one!

The Baby Yoda is available for pre-order on Disney Shop for $69.99 – every purchase is accompanied by a complimentary Star Wars: The Mandalorian lithograph.

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