R/C Duster cleans every dust-covered surface at home

If you want some break from your house cleaning chores because the Roomba (or any other robot vacuum) you have employed is just cleaning the floor and leaving everything else for you, then welcome the nifty little Remote Controlled Duster from Kyosho. Designed like a mop to clean the floor, furniture, countertops and shelves etc. , this duster isn’t an all out cleaning solution but is a great helping hand (at least we think so) in getting some cleaning done.

Priced at $21, the little toy isn’t really going to burn a hole in your pocket. All you have to do to get some cleaning and wiping done is to place the duster on dust-covered surface and like a toy maneuver it from a distance with a RF remote control. Kyosho has also released a trash bin on wheels, which can also be driven around using an included remote control.

Via: Technabob/Gizmodo

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