REASONANCE Tech Showcases Wireless TV at CES 2021

REASONANCE Tech Showcases Wireless TV at CES 2021

A group of Russian scientists and engineers have developed a technology that can transfer energy wirelessly. They are commercializing the technology under the name REASONANCE Tech and have also showcased a prototype TV that uses this wireless energy transfer (WET) technology at CES 2021.

A TV that can be powered without any wires is surely an innovative concept but the company has no plans to make a TV rather they will be providing the WET technology to potential industrial partners so that they can integrate it into their products.

This wireless energy transmission system comprises a transmitting coil and a receiving coil that will be integrated into the TV frame. They have designed the coils in a way that creates multiple resonant circuits in one resonant contour and combines inductance and capacitance in a single package.

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Reasonance’s WET system can transmit electricity over a distance of one meter and can operate even if the transmitter and receiver coils are not aligned properly. According to the company, it provides size and cost-effective solution compared to other magnetic resonance technologies out there.

Wireless TV is one of the applications of REASONANCE Tech’s wireless energy transmission technology. They have also presented an e-bike, and home & office wireless charging solutions.

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