Reclaimed Cleveland seat

Reclaimed Cleveland re-purposes local materials into gorgeous furniture items

Reclaimed Cleveland seat

Conscientious designs with dollops of sustainability: this is the design dictum followed by Reclaimed Cleveland, a furniture brand founded by Cleveland’s very own Deej Lincoln. And as with their dictum, their conceptions also allude to recyclable resourcefulness. In this regard, the company has remarkably created a range of gorgeous furniture items crafted from re-purposed local materials which would have otherwise headed to landfills.

From the purely aesthetic perspective, there are items like an elegant clock made from five planks of wood. On the other hand, there are items that are functional on a more daily basis like the delectably crafted wooden bottle opener. Finally, there are conceptions that are both practical and decorative in their essence. For example, we have also come across designs like the refurbished seating mechanism (pictured above) and a full set of desk and chairs that entice us with their classy yet purposeful bearing.

Via: TrendHunter

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