RElettronica Radio Stereo Drum

Reclaimed Oil Barrel Car Stereo Delivers Powerful Sound

Etsy shop RElettronica creates one-of-a-kind handmade electronic products for tech-savvy people. The latest addition to their collection of DIY products is Radio stereo system that’s made out of an old oil barrel reclaimed from an industrial site. It is the same oil barrel, which is used for truck’s original Agip.

To create this stereo system, the designer has integrated a car radio into the drum to act as a sound source. It features four red LEDs that light up the speakers on the sides when the music plays. To improve the bass sound, two woofers are added to the bottom of the drum. Wheels are also fixed to the bottom, which makes it easier for the user to move the stereo system from one location to another.

The sound delivered through these speakers is nearly 4x20W, whereas bottom woofers can produce 2x20W sound. This means the music system can deliver fairly good sound, meanwhile adding an industrial chic touch to your home decor.

This radio stereo system allows you to listen to your favorite tunes via FM radio, AM MP3 player with SD card and USB inputs. Even external sources such as smartphones and computers can be connected to the system using audio input 3.5 mm jack.

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Before this, we’ve seen various industrial chic oil barrel furniture designs, but this is for the first time we came across such intriguing stereo system design that’s made out of an old drum. You can purchase this exclusive oil barrel radio stereo system from the Etsy shop for $465.91.

RElettronica Radio Stereo Drum

Interior of the stereo system

RElettronica Radio Stereo Drum

Car stereo integrated into the reclaimed oil barrel

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