Wooden Floor Lamp

Reclaimed Wooden Lamp adds Rustic Touch to the Living Area

MangoAndMore, a Dutch business house founded by Jib Hendricks-Rutnin, sells handcrafted wood items ranging from bowls, vases to furniture. The young entrepreneur passionate about crafts has created a wooden floor lamp using reclaimed or recycled wood.

The 57 cm high and 45 cm diameter ball-shaped lamp is a sturdy lighting unit that is designed to last. The wooden lamp, when powered, is reminiscent of a stove with the fire burning inside.

Designed to create a cozy atmosphere, the wooden lamp offers a soothing glow that can transform any corner of the room with the essence of the Dutch countryside.

Available on Etsy, the wooden floor lamp costs $167 and comes with Europlug (Type C), but Rutnin also provides an option to customize the plug to preference.

Wooden Lamp

Handcrafted floor lamp made from reclaimed wood

Wooden Lamp

Sturdy floor lamp made to last


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