Recycled Brandy Keg Stereo Fills Your Abode with Melodies

We’re all so much in for recycling, for us recycled products for home décor actually sit at the pinnacle. If you’re an audiophile and a recycling buff then the brandy keg stereo is perhaps the closest thing to heaven for you. Created by Etsy seller Bugcicle – a store run by recycler Devin Kain, the brandy keg stereo can be plugged into any audio playing device, so there’s no doubt that it’s the coolest thing you can hook up your iPhone to play music.

Leaving the exterior of the stereo as the keg itself, the creator has attached an antique porcelain door with reversed polarity potentiometer for volume adjustment – the only difference here is that you need to rotate the knob counterclockwise for increasing the volume and clockwise to lower the volume. The keg stereo has been fitted with a 2-inch bass port and lots of polyfill to seal it tightly from within.

Selling at $1,199, the recycled brandy keg stereo isn’t the only product at the Devin’s Etsy store.

Via: Etsy/BitRebels

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