Recycled circuit board desk clock for geeks who love creativity

Just imagine a world without a clock! DAMN?! We all know that the greatest invention of man after the wheel was time registration. If there is no systematic method of maintaining time, our world would turn Topsy-turfy and we would have no method to register the past, manage the present and plan the future. Time is very crucial to us all and so are the different kinds and types of watches that tell it to us. We now have wall clocks, time pieces, wrist watches and the old-fashioned pocket watches; they also have types analog, digital, analog-quartz, quartz-digital, thermodynamic, solar-powered etc.

For those, who love watches would certainly like this new creative watch made from recycled circuit board, as shown here. This beautiful time piece is quite sleek in appearance and has a techno look being mounted on a circuit board behind a glass panel. The watch has an old dial appearance with three needles of different lengths telling the hour, minutes and seconds and looks very neat.

So, if you are a corporate employee, a digerati or even a simple Joe, who never mows his lawn; this desk clock is certainly worth a look and may be purchase. You can grace your desk with this nice clock for just US $49.99.

Via- ThinkGeek

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