Refurbished Alloy Wheel Ferrari Wall Clock

For all the motorheads and car enthusiasts, Andrew Fitzgerald owner of the Vyconic shop on Etsy has created this wonderful wall clock out of a genuine alloy wheel refurbished and spray-painted red with a legitimate Ferrari badge (prancing horse) in the center glowing vibrantly in the traditional yellow base.

Fitzgerald is known majorly for his upcycled wall clocks based on a musical theme like the Union Jack Upcycled Guitar clock and Beatles Upcycled Yamaha Electric Guitar Clock. But this time around he has created the Ferrari alloy wheel upcycled clock which is another auto-inspired clock after the BMX Two Tone Chainring Clock from him.

Priced at £149 (approximately $240), this is vibrant red, truly unique and must have wall clock can be customized to your choice with the logo of your favorite car maker (incase Ferrari isn’t your taste). Head down for an image of refurbished alloy wheel BMW wall clock.

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  1. Rozalyn Mendence

    November 28, 2020 at 1:44 pm

    I would like to purchase one of these. How do I purchase?


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