Rehau frame4 Rauvolet

Rehau frame4 Rauvolet Kitchen Cabinet has Tambour Door to Maximize Space

It’s always fun to browse few stores or online websites when buying new kitchen furniture, but finding perfect pieces that fit your limited space is often a difficult task. Rehau’s frame4 Rauvolet is an ultimate vertical cabinet system that brilliantly amalgamates aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, its sleek design can be easily adjusted into any small kitchen.

This metallic-line cassette system features an easy-to-access tambour door system, which has few 25 mm wide slats that roll up along with its vertical tracks. Minimum effort is needed to raise this metallic-line along the guide rails of the frame4 system to store kitchen accessories.

As there are no sliding or folding doors that could get in the way when open, the tambour doors offer unrestricted elbowroom while maximizing space around the cabinet. This means you can neatly place utensils, glassware or other accessories in this space-saving storage unit.

When closed, it appears completely smooth without any visible entry radius, making it seem like an additional part of your kitchen island with giving away what it is hiding inside.

In case your unexpected guests arrive, you can quickly put unwanted stuff behind these clammed up tambour doors, making your kitchen look absolutely clean and tidy. Besides all that, its high-quality metal-like finish perfectly matches with any contemporary kitchen.

Rehau frame4 Rauvolet would definitely become a natural part of your kitchen while adding a bit of minimal charm as well as practicality into your dream scullery. For information about its design and availability, you may visit the company’s official website.

Rehau frame4 Rauvolet

Image: Rehau 

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