Rejuvenation spring water is a rich source of amino acid

Rejuvenation spring water is a rich source of amino acid for fitness freaks

In the competitive world when everyone is busy, struggling in their lives to achieve something, it is obvious that nobody can provide their body all major nutrients required for healthy living. People often ignore paying attention to their healthy eating habits, resulting in lack of nutrients like amino acids.  Well, there is still a way to combat this problem. Rejuvenation, the world’s first amino acid-enriched spring water has been launched in UK.

Amino acid is an essential health-sustaining mineral linked to protein, and Rejuvenation is the only drink in the world which is enriched with important amino acid components. The 500 ml bottle contains 5g L-Glutamine that minimizes breakdown of muscle tissues and cells and improves metabolism. L-Glutamine is a major component of amino acid that requires managing protein’s metabolic process in human body.

The nutritious drink is prepared using crisp Staffordshire spring water and finest natural ingredients. It is vegan-friendly and contains no sugar, caffeine and other stimulants. The health drink is a great substitute of protein drinks.

The company brought this product to life with the help of a crowd-funding campaign at Crowdcube by raising £187,000, with the funds from 258 investors. The drink is already stocked in over 150 stores including Costco and Spinneys and one of the largest supermarkets of Dubai and expected to be sold in Holland and Barrett.

Rejuvenation spring water

Rejuvenation spring water is a rich source of amino acid

Spanish Orange flavoured Rejuvenation spring water

Spanish Orange flavored energy drink

Rejuvenation amino acid enriched spring water

The health drink  is available in Apple & Mint, Ginger & Lime and Spanish Orange flavors

Rejuvenation water is a great substitute of protein drinks

Rejuvenation water is a great substitute of protein drinks

amino acid-enriched spring water

The spring water drink is a great source of protein

Rejuvenation spring water for fitness freaks

Rejuvenation water


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